Earlier this year I discovered the amazing Matt & Nat and their vegan leather good. This past week I went on a hunt for a new wallet and decided to opt in for the matching card holder to the back I picked up earlier this year. For the longest time, I’ve had a full thick wallet that could carry a million things. My last wallet had 18 cards amongst other things I didn’t really need (receipts, coupons, business cards). My new card holder holds 4 cards and has a middle slot for bills and some loose change – basically, it’s gonna take some adjustment.

I moved most of my loyalty cards over to my digital wallet/Apple Pay to make things a bit more convenient. Honestly, with the click of a button, pulling up a loyalty card on my phone is a lot easier than looking through my wallet anyway. Even so, before I didn’t even have all of my loyalty cards in my wallet anyways- every store literally has one these days and I only kept the essentials (Winners, Starbucks and Scene card I’m looking at you). Now I’m just going to be more selective about what I keep in my wallet – the essentials. I really don’t need more than 4 cards for daily use.

So why did I make the switch to a card holder over a wallet? Well to start, this wasn’t my intention as I genuinely needed a new wallet – the old one I had was becoming extremely warped from constantly sitting on it and the sheer amount of cards (and receipts) I had inside. After some research, I decided to make the switch to a card holder that I can now keep in my front pocket. Making the switch to help with better posture and to avoid back pain in the future. Sitting on your wallet places pressure on your piriformis muscle which can cause it to rub up against your sciatic nerve. It also creates an imbalance in your spine and places stress on your lumbar discs (I may have gone DEEP into a few google searches when looking for a new wallet and balancing out the benefits). A lot of men develop consistent back pain and problems from a lifetime of sitting on their wallet. Making the change now and hope my body adjusts and it’s not too late.

Anyways, that’s enough health lessons from me ✌️

TL:DR – Don’t sit on your wallet.

(Originally wrote this as a super lengthy Instagram post but honestly who has time for that).

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