I checked out the launch of  Call It Spring’s Content Lab- a new initiative where once a month Call it Spring will put together a unique experience where local creators can make new content in unique environments.

When I first learned about the event I had no idea what to expect. It’s not to say that I thought Call it Spring couldn’t deliver, but I’ve been to my fair share of underwhelming events, and with a name like Content Lab, Spring HAD TO DELIVER- And oh they did.

First, I was already super excited once I found out that the event was to be held at the Mint Room Studios – a recently new photography studio in Toronto. This studio was on my list of places to rent for a shoot, as the studio is gorgeous and has multiple rooms with multiple aesthetic. The designers of this studio payed attention to every little detail- nothing was missed, making it an ideal spot for any photographer – or Content Lab.

Upon arriving we were greeted with drinks, and a wheelbarrow full of Happy Meals (the perfect combo). This really set the tone for the whole night. From toaster strudel stations to paint walls, Call it Spring meticulously put together a creative hub to inspire creators to do more.

There were 4 different rooms in the Content Lab, each set up with their own unique theme and style, while still keeping all of the original furniture and decor from the Mint Room.

In the room to our left was a life-sized chess board set up. I didn’t get a chance to play, but I think it’s because they were all afraid to go against this guy. I mean I do have like ~5 medals~ (I’m a DORK). This room was so well put together. Every single angle was like a new set- even the ceiling, which featured a suspended display of the new Spring collection.

In the room to our right was a really cool photoshoot set up. Guests were able to try on a pair of spring shoes and take photos behind a large set of balloon.

The third room was definitely made to inspire. There was a large paper cloud display, and you could write your dreams onto one and hang it among the other clouds from other visitors.

The final, and definitely the most unique room, was a large room with a painting table and a painting wall. One could paint and decorate a pair of white Call it Spring shoes to their liking. As much as I would have loved to do this, I’m awful (seriously, awful) at painting and those shoes would have looked bad and I would have never worn them. For the sake of the shoes I decided to paint the wall in front of me – a large paint by numbers which created a #GenerationSpring photo.

Had such a fun time spending the evening with Call It Spring. Can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for future Content Labs!

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