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Falling in Love With My Casper [Mattress Review]

Sleep is such a personal thing. Everyone does it differently. I’ve got my sleeping ritual – firm mattress, one pillow, my right hand under it, my left above, with a light duvet covering half my body. My feet can’t be covered, and I can’t have socks on. And even though everyone sleeps so differently it’s astonishing that Casper was able to develop a mattress that is so universally adored, despite everyone liking their mattress a little different. That’s because the Casper mattress finds middle ground with their Zoned Support technology – treating your shoulders and hips differently for deeper comfort and better alignment- creating a balance between a soft and firm mattress in all the right places.

I wasn’t always a big believer in having the right sleeping ritual (or the right mattress) but after having my Casper for over 100 nights of sleep it blows my mind thinking about some of the awful things I used to sleep on. To put things into perspective, I used to be that guy that was always going for the cheapest option – especially when it comes to big-ticket items. My first apartment I slept on this AWFUL futon- I ended up buying some extra stuffing to make it more comfortable (that’s how bad it was). When I first moved to Toronto I bought the cheapest mattress I could find. Yeah, it was a “pillow top” but let me tell you – that thing was flat in months. My sleep was getting worse and worse, back pain was slowly creeping in and asking people to spend the night was borderline embarrassing.

So when I moved into this new place I said to myself that I was going to take better care of myself and of my body and I decided to invest in a much better mattress – and let me tell you, this thing fucking works. When I was in Jamaica all I could think about “Damn, I want my bed”.  That was the real eye-opening experience. Since getting my Casper I’ve undoubtedly been getting much better sleep, but having a week away from my mattress was so eye-opening to how much better my Casper actually is.

When I got this mattress I said to myself I wouldn’t blog about it until after the 100 Night Sleep Guarantee that Casper has (basically, you’re able to return the mattress within 100 nights if you don’t like it). It didn’t even cross my mind. Not even once.

Honestly, if you’re in the market for a new mattress I would 100% recommend considering Casper. They’ve got 2 showrooms in Canada that just opened up last year. One in Sherway Gardens and the other on Queen St West which you can visit to find the right mattress for you (they’ve got 3 mattresses in total) and with the 100-night sleep guarantee, you can make sure you’re putting your money into something that works for you.  I got the mattress blindly based on recommendations but honestly, it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my sleep. Now if only I started going to bed at a decent time I’d be all set – that’s a work in progress.

Side Note: Casper does offer Paybright Financing to offer interest-free financing on your order. While I didn’t use Paybright for my Casper order, I did use it for another purchase I made for the apartment and had a very positive experience. It allowed me to pay off my purchase over the course of 8 months (for the exact same price!) rather than all at once which made things a lot more affordable – especially with the move. I’d recommend taking a look at Paybright if you’re looking at getting a new mattress but it’s still a bit outside of your current budget/financing.

Have more questions about my Casper experience? You can always send me a message on my Instagram or leave a comment below!

Sponsored post courtesy of Casper but as always opinions are 100% real and my own. If I don’t like something I’ll tell you – just like I don’t want to spend my hard earned money on something shitty, I don’t want that for you either. 

[Super] Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday Gift Ideas for Men Hugo Filipe Toronto Menswear Blogger

The holidays are around the corner – literally. We’re days away from Christmas, and if you’re like us, you still have plenty of holiday shopping to do.  We’re hoping to make things a little easier with these quick last minute holiday gift ideas for that special someone (but ask yourself, if you waited this long, are they that special).

  1. 1. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Let’s leave the wires in 2018 guys. Bluetooth has come such a long way, and wireless headphones ARE the future. Misconception is that bluetooth headphones have to be expensive (thanks to all the bros wearing their AirPods) but they can actually be very affordable and QUALITY. The Niva headphones from Sudio Sweden are affordable and fashionable. They charge in a sleek portable case so you can make sure your headphones are charged up at any moment. You can use the code MRHUGOFILIPE  to save 15% off on your web order.

  1. 2. Cologne

Anyone who’s ever said that cologne is a thoughtless gift needs to reassess. Any fashionable man will appreciate a nice bottle of cologne. Our current obsession? The Ralph Lauren Polo Red Rush. It’s got a fresh mint scent perfect for the winter season.


  1. 3. Ties

Who loves a good tie? We love a good tie – and so does your mans. But we’re not here to sell you on some cheap holiday themed tie. Get something sleek – something classic, a tie that can be worn year long is always a winner. The Tie Bar has a BEAUTIFUL large selection of ties and you can find the perfect gift for anyone. We recommend the black velvet skinny tie or a bold floral print – and while you’re at it don’t forget an actual Tie Bar. Those are useful, too.

  1. 4. Grooming Products

Alright, so you want your man to look his best right? That means keeping his hair in check & that beard on point. So why not get him some product to keep everything looking just the way he (or you) likes it? We’ve really been loving the new Dippity-Do Men line – from the Styling Cream to the Beard Oil, it’s got the perfect product for everyone! Your guy has matured, and now so has his favourite hair product! (I mean who else remembers using Dippity-Do Sport Gel in middle school?!)

  1. 5. Watches

Y’all already know we’re suckers for a good watch. There are so many affordable watches out there it’s almost impossible to cover them all. MVMT, Daniel Wellington and Timex all have great pieces that you can purchase online or in store just in time for the holidays. A little side note: If this special someone already has a smart watch consider skipping the watch as a gift. Nothing comes between a man and his smart watch, and although it’s important to have a nice watch for a special occasion, no one likes getting a gift they’re going to use once or twice a year – let him buy that on his own.

  1. 6. Board Games

Board games are an amazing gift idea especially if they like to entertain – but there’s only two good options here. You either go for something fun and inappropriate (such as What Do You Meme, Cards Against Humanity or Pick Your Poison) or you get something classic with a twist. We’re currently in love with these vintage bookshelf editions of some of our favourite games – Monopoly, Scattergories and Scrabble. These games are FUNctional – they come in a beautiful box that can double as decor so it won’t sit forgotten in the back of the closet. We’ve found these (and similar editions) at our local Marshalls, Winners, Home Sense and Chapters.

  1. 7. Bluetooth Tracker

Another great piece of affordable tech. The Tile is a small little button that can attach to most things so you can easily find them with your phone. Download the companion app and easily track where a lost item is or make it play a small noise. Are you a mess at finding your keys in the morning? This will help.

  1. 8. Underwear

Yes, underwear. But not just any underwear – comfortable underwear. SAXX is THE MOST COMFORTABLE underwear and one of the only brands we’ll swear by. They’ve got a super comfy pouch for your parts and come in a ton of colours and designs.

  1. 9. Something Local

Alright so this one is less of a specific suggestion and more of an idea. It’s always great to support local artists and craftsmen. We’re obsessed with these candles by local perfumer Brennan Michael. The scents are amazing (we’re in love with the Jasmine Musk), and who doesn’t love supporting small businesses – we’re all entrepreneurs here.

  1. 10. A Second Cup Gift Card

Yes, from Second Cup specifically. Why? Two reasons. First, who doesn’t love coffee? Okay there are people out there (weirdos) but even if they aren’t a coffee fan, Second Cup still has a ton of other items on the menu, including Pinkberry and I know y’all like fro-yo so…

Second, they’re currently doing an amazing initiative with Food Banks Canada. For every gift card holder purchased (an additional $1) they’ll donate 3 meals to Food Banks Canada. Sounds like a win-win to me.

So if you’re still planning on picking up a gift, grab one (or a couple) of these and you’ll be sure to put a smile on your special guys face this Christmas. But at the end of the day remember that all he really wants for Christmas is to spend time with the people he cares most about. (LOL, Just kidding – definitely get him a gift…)

Relaxation on a Sick Day

It’s been a weird week for me. I’ve been sick all week (and still feeling relatively sick) so I will keep this short.

I’m one of those people that doesn’t really get sick, but somehow I managed to, and have been out of commission (the amount of things piling up are insane). The only thing I want to do is lay in bed with a cup of tea and get some rest- I swear this is a product of the weird weather we’re having in Toronto. Today I started feeling a little bit better and decided to take a little trek outside. After all, this is probably the only time I was going to see some snow in Toronto (this year) and I’ve been DYING to bring out my heavy winter coats. I picked up this really warm winter jacket from Members Only a few months ago and have been needing the perfect weather to bust it out. I picked the perfect place to go, somewhere that’s close, relaxing and a great atmosphere for when you’re sick – Cloud Gardens.

Cloud Gardens is exactly what you’d imagine it looks like based on it’s name. The city of Toronto describes it as a “tropical cloud forest nestled between the office towers of Toronto’s busy downtown core“, and it couldn’t be more accurate. The conservatory itself is beautiful, but the best part is being able to smell that lush spring aroma. It was the PERFECT placed to be, especially when feeling under the weather. There’s a bench at the top (at the time I didn’t think to take a picture of, figures) which is a great place sit, have a drink, and read a book – there’s an amazing (and convenient) coffee shop just seconds away called Dineen Coffee.

I wish there were more accessible spaces like this around Toronto. It’s the perfect escape from the gloomy winter months, and best of all, it’s free. Next time you’re in downtown Toronto take a moment to visit the Gardens. This place is a few block away from the Eaton Centre – and if you guys like shopping as much as I do then there’s no excuse because you’re in the area pretty often.

This was exactly what I needed after being cooped up inside almost all week. It was great to go and breathe in that fresh green air that’s  been missing the last few months – it’s made me lust for spring even more. PS. The coat is faux fur – that’s the only way I roll.