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[Super] Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday Gift Ideas for Men Hugo Filipe Toronto Menswear Blogger

The holidays are around the corner – literally. We’re days away from Christmas, and if you’re like us, you still have plenty of holiday shopping to do.  We’re hoping to make things a little easier with these quick last minute holiday gift ideas for that special someone (but ask yourself, if you waited this long, are they that special).

  1. 1. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Let’s leave the wires in 2018 guys. Bluetooth has come such a long way, and wireless headphones ARE the future. Misconception is that bluetooth headphones have to be expensive (thanks to all the bros wearing their AirPods) but they can actually be very affordable and QUALITY. The Niva headphones from Sudio Sweden are affordable and fashionable. They charge in a sleek portable case so you can make sure your headphones are charged up at any moment. You can use the code MRHUGOFILIPE  to save 15% off on your web order.

  1. 2. Cologne

Anyone who’s ever said that cologne is a thoughtless gift needs to reassess. Any fashionable man will appreciate a nice bottle of cologne. Our current obsession? The Ralph Lauren Polo Red Rush. It’s got a fresh mint scent perfect for the winter season.


  1. 3. Ties

Who loves a good tie? We love a good tie – and so does your mans. But we’re not here to sell you on some cheap holiday themed tie. Get something sleek – something classic, a tie that can be worn year long is always a winner. The Tie Bar has a BEAUTIFUL large selection of ties and you can find the perfect gift for anyone. We recommend the black velvet skinny tie or a bold floral print – and while you’re at it don’t forget an actual Tie Bar. Those are useful, too.

  1. 4. Grooming Products

Alright, so you want your man to look his best right? That means keeping his hair in check & that beard on point. So why not get him some product to keep everything looking just the way he (or you) likes it? We’ve really been loving the new Dippity-Do Men line – from the Styling Cream to the Beard Oil, it’s got the perfect product for everyone! Your guy has matured, and now so has his favourite hair product! (I mean who else remembers using Dippity-Do Sport Gel in middle school?!)

  1. 5. Watches

Y’all already know we’re suckers for a good watch. There are so many affordable watches out there it’s almost impossible to cover them all. MVMT, Daniel Wellington and Timex all have great pieces that you can purchase online or in store just in time for the holidays. A little side note: If this special someone already has a smart watch consider skipping the watch as a gift. Nothing comes between a man and his smart watch, and although it’s important to have a nice watch for a special occasion, no one likes getting a gift they’re going to use once or twice a year – let him buy that on his own.

  1. 6. Board Games

Board games are an amazing gift idea especially if they like to entertain – but there’s only two good options here. You either go for something fun and inappropriate (such as What Do You Meme, Cards Against Humanity or Pick Your Poison) or you get something classic with a twist. We’re currently in love with these vintage bookshelf editions of some of our favourite games – Monopoly, Scattergories and Scrabble. These games are FUNctional – they come in a beautiful box that can double as decor so it won’t sit forgotten in the back of the closet. We’ve found these (and similar editions) at our local Marshalls, Winners, Home Sense and Chapters.

  1. 7. Bluetooth Tracker

Another great piece of affordable tech. The Tile is a small little button that can attach to most things so you can easily find them with your phone. Download the companion app and easily track where a lost item is or make it play a small noise. Are you a mess at finding your keys in the morning? This will help.

  1. 8. Underwear

Yes, underwear. But not just any underwear – comfortable underwear. SAXX is THE MOST COMFORTABLE underwear and one of the only brands we’ll swear by. They’ve got a super comfy pouch for your parts and come in a ton of colours and designs.

  1. 9. Something Local

Alright so this one is less of a specific suggestion and more of an idea. It’s always great to support local artists and craftsmen. We’re obsessed with these candles by local perfumer Brennan Michael. The scents are amazing (we’re in love with the Jasmine Musk), and who doesn’t love supporting small businesses – we’re all entrepreneurs here.

  1. 10. A Second Cup Gift Card

Yes, from Second Cup specifically. Why? Two reasons. First, who doesn’t love coffee? Okay there are people out there (weirdos) but even if they aren’t a coffee fan, Second Cup still has a ton of other items on the menu, including Pinkberry and I know y’all like fro-yo so…

Second, they’re currently doing an amazing initiative with Food Banks Canada. For every gift card holder purchased (an additional $1) they’ll donate 3 meals to Food Banks Canada. Sounds like a win-win to me.

So if you’re still planning on picking up a gift, grab one (or a couple) of these and you’ll be sure to put a smile on your special guys face this Christmas. But at the end of the day remember that all he really wants for Christmas is to spend time with the people he cares most about. (LOL, Just kidding – definitely get him a gift…)

Getting Creative at the Content Lab

I checked out the launch of  Call It Spring’s Content Lab- a new initiative where once a month Call it Spring will put together a unique experience where local creators can make new content in unique environments.

When I first learned about the event I had no idea what to expect. It’s not to say that I thought Call it Spring couldn’t deliver, but I’ve been to my fair share of underwhelming events, and with a name like Content Lab, Spring HAD TO DELIVER- And oh they did.

First, I was already super excited once I found out that the event was to be held at the Mint Room Studios – a recently new photography studio in Toronto. This studio was on my list of places to rent for a shoot, as the studio is gorgeous and has multiple rooms with multiple aesthetic. The designers of this studio payed attention to every little detail- nothing was missed, making it an ideal spot for any photographer – or Content Lab.

Upon arriving we were greeted with drinks, and a wheelbarrow full of Happy Meals (the perfect combo). This really set the tone for the whole night. From toaster strudel stations to paint walls, Call it Spring meticulously put together a creative hub to inspire creators to do more.

There were 4 different rooms in the Content Lab, each set up with their own unique theme and style, while still keeping all of the original furniture and decor from the Mint Room.

In the room to our left was a life-sized chess board set up. I didn’t get a chance to play, but I think it’s because they were all afraid to go against this guy. I mean I do have like ~5 medals~ (I’m a DORK). This room was so well put together. Every single angle was like a new set- even the ceiling, which featured a suspended display of the new Spring collection.

In the room to our right was a really cool photoshoot set up. Guests were able to try on a pair of spring shoes and take photos behind a large set of balloon.

The third room was definitely made to inspire. There was a large paper cloud display, and you could write your dreams onto one and hang it among the other clouds from other visitors.

The final, and definitely the most unique room, was a large room with a painting table and a painting wall. One could paint and decorate a pair of white Call it Spring shoes to their liking. As much as I would have loved to do this, I’m awful (seriously, awful) at painting and those shoes would have looked bad and I would have never worn them. For the sake of the shoes I decided to paint the wall in front of me – a large paint by numbers which created a #GenerationSpring photo.

Had such a fun time spending the evening with Call It Spring. Can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for future Content Labs!

An Evening With G-Star Raw Canada

On Thursday I had one of the most memorable experience I’ve ever had with a brand. I spent the early afternoon at the G-Star Raw Queen West location in Toronto learning more about the brand, the people behind it, and taking a look at some of their newer collections. I came with the intent to pick out an outfit, as I was going to the Imagine Dragons show late that evening [courtesy of G-Star Raw Canada].

Hugo Filipe G-Star Outfit

I picked out this light chambray two-piece and paired it with the Deline Track Overshirt to give a bit of athleisure vibes. Loved this outfit for a few reasons. The chambray is super light, which is perfect for the summer- it’s not as heavy as denim, and extremely breathable. Even pairing it with the track overshirt I didn’t feel like I was too hot or had too many layers. Also, I loved the fact that it looked like I was in a full denim on denim outfit. Lastly, although it is a two-piece, the fit is fairly ambiguous, and the wat that the hooded sweater fell overtop of the shorts made it looks like a one piece, similar to this jumpsuit I wanted (they didn’t have my size, unfortunately, or you’d see me rocking this right now).

Sergio Roque Esroq G-Star Raw Outfit

After picking my fit I then headed to El Catrin, a beautiful and super authentic Mexican restaurant located in the heart of the Distillery District. I met up with Sergio and two other guests for what was supposed to be a small dinner with G-Star Raw Canada’s marketing manager. It wasn’t. This small dinner turned into a three-hour celebration about fashion, life, travel and more. We chatted about everything and anything.

I’ve always loved G-Star, it’s a brand I’ve had in my closet through every stage of my life. But when you get to meet the people behind the brand, and they’re genuinely nice and amazing people, you tend to fall in love with the brand even more. You see the hard work, the dedication and the passion that people have for their brand, and it makes me want to be a part of that.

Hugo Filipe Toronto Men's Fashion Blogger G-Star Raw Outfit

We finished the night off by attending the Imagine Dragons show at Budweiser Gardens in our new G-Star fits. It was a long day, but I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect experience.

Thank you, G-Star Raw for this opportunity, and I can’t wait to see what you’ve cooked up for Canada.

My Outfit
Sunglasses: Topman 
Jacket: Deline Track Overshirt by G-Star Raw
Top: Woven Hooded Sweater by G-Star Raw
Shorts: Bronson Loose 1/2-Length Shorts by G-Star Raw
Socks: Reinemann by Aldo
Shoes: Canvas Shoes by H&M

Sergio’s Outfit
Jacket:  Rackam Utility Tone-Mix Overshirt G-Star Raw
Shirt: G-Star Raw
Watch: Classic Warwick by Daniel Wellington
Belt: Cole Hann
Pants: G-Star Elwood 5622 3D Tapered Color Jeans G-Star Raw

Bye Bye Wallet


Earlier this year I discovered the amazing Matt & Nat and their vegan leather good. This past week I went on a hunt for a new wallet and decided to opt in for the matching card holder to the back I picked up earlier this year. For the longest time, I’ve had a full thick wallet that could carry a million things. My last wallet had 18 cards amongst other things I didn’t really need (receipts, coupons, business cards). My new card holder holds 4 cards and has a middle slot for bills and some loose change – basically, it’s gonna take some adjustment.

I moved most of my loyalty cards over to my digital wallet/Apple Pay to make things a bit more convenient. Honestly, with the click of a button, pulling up a loyalty card on my phone is a lot easier than looking through my wallet anyway. Even so, before I didn’t even have all of my loyalty cards in my wallet anyways- every store literally has one these days and I only kept the essentials (Winners, Starbucks and Scene card I’m looking at you). Now I’m just going to be more selective about what I keep in my wallet – the essentials. I really don’t need more than 4 cards for daily use.

So why did I make the switch to a card holder over a wallet? Well to start, this wasn’t my intention as I genuinely needed a new wallet – the old one I had was becoming extremely warped from constantly sitting on it and the sheer amount of cards (and receipts) I had inside. After some research, I decided to make the switch to a card holder that I can now keep in my front pocket. Making the switch to help with better posture and to avoid back pain in the future. Sitting on your wallet places pressure on your piriformis muscle which can cause it to rub up against your sciatic nerve. It also creates an imbalance in your spine and places stress on your lumbar discs (I may have gone DEEP into a few google searches when looking for a new wallet and balancing out the benefits). A lot of men develop consistent back pain and problems from a lifetime of sitting on their wallet. Making the change now and hope my body adjusts and it’s not too late.

Anyways, that’s enough health lessons from me ✌️

TL:DR – Don’t sit on your wallet.

(Originally wrote this as a super lengthy Instagram post but honestly who has time for that).

Long Weekends, Train Rides & Online Shopping

Everybody loves long weekends. Having an extra day to catch up on things (or sleep in) is always appreciated. I used Friday as a travel day to head to my parents’ place – a small town of 12,000. Coming home is always bittersweet; I absolutely love spending time with my family and catching up with old friends, but other than that there’s not much to do (there’s not even a small coffee shop where I can chill with some wifi). After spending some time binge watching ’13 Reasons Why’ with my brother and sister (a must watch), I turned to my favourite hobby – (online) shopping.

“Your favourite hobby is spending the green? Go figure.”

– My 14 year-old smart-ass brother, reading over my shoulder as I type. 

I love shopping (can’t you tell?), but online shopping has an even more special place in my heart. Since moving to Toronto I’ve started visiting malls less and less, and opting for online shopping experiences. In Toronto all of the good stuff is ALWAYS sold out and finding deals is extremely competitive. I used to be very big on mall shopping when I didn’t live here [Toronto] but I think this was due to me living in areas where other people didn’t take fashion as seriously, so there was always quality items available. The trick to having a fully stocked killer wardrobe isn’t to buy inexpensive things, but to buy quality items at great value. Online shopping allows for that.

My Online Shopping Tips

When I shop, I shop smart. I love having a nice full wardrobe, but also love a nice full wallet. Online shopping really gives you the flexibility of both.  When you shop in a store you’re usually tempted to buy something if you “kind of ” like it. Most people don’t want to “wait on it” for the fear that the items will be gone tomorrow while others buy something they don’t really like just for the sake of shopping. We’ve all been guilty of buying something just because we made the trip to the mall and didn’t want to leave empty handed – it’s time to stop wasting your heard earned dollars.

I’m working on a (different) blog post at the moment discussing the tools and apps I use to shop smart- everything from discount apps to shopping cart tools. In the meantime, here are my 5 tips for shopping online to make sure every purchase is the right purchase.

1. Don’t Make Your Purchase Right Away

To make sure I don’t have any buyer’s remorse, I fill my cart up at night before going to bed, but make the purchase in the morning. This way I can take another look at my potential new pieces with a clear mind. If I still love it during the second look I pull the trigger.

2. Check Multiple Stores

If I’m purchasing something more generic, say a black bomber, I check multiple stores. Just because you’re checking one store and find a black bomber you like doesn’t mean it’s the best one out there at that price point. Check a few competitors and see if they have a similar item – you might find a better fit at a better price.

3. Make A Separate Email For Your Online Purchases

This is for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s a great place to keep track of your receipts in case you need to make a return. Secondly, you should sign up for the newsletter from any retailer you like shopping at. Most end up sending you emails with some sort of coupon, or at least send a reminder for their sales. No one likes getting daily spam emails which is why I really recommend making a second email just for shopping.

4. Read Reviews

I can’t stress this enough, but you should definitely read the reviews for the online retailers that do have a review section for their pieces. You can usually find it if you end up scrolling near the bottom of the clothing page (example: Urban Outfitters). Clothes don’t always fit the way they are supposed to and the online reviews are usually pretty accurate. Use it as a resource – see if people are commenting on the fit, on the quality and on the price.

5. Check The Sizing Chart

I find most people I speak to are against online shopping because they say they can’t try the clothing on to make sure it’s the right fit. I personally don’t find this a recurring problem, but it does happen. You have to keep a couple of things in mind. Where are the clothes coming from? Not all countries use the same sizing charts. If you’re ordering something from the UK, that medium won’t be the same medium in a US size. A sizing chart breaks down the store sizes based on the inches. The best investment you can make for your wardrobe is to hit up a tailor or seamstress and get your complete measurements. Use this information and cross reference with a sizing chart to make an educated decision when buying online clothes.

Hoping these tips will help some of you navigate the online world a little bit better. Remember if you have any questions you can always hit me up on instagram, the comment section below or send me an email! Now, back to enjoying the rest of my long weekend.

I Have An Obsession

Okay, it’s no secret that I have a watch obsession. Every time I visit a store, I also check the jewelry department hoping to find something else to add to my wardrobe. Everybody has things they collect – and for me, it’s watches.

When I head to a meeting I wear something simple and bold, when I go to the gym I throw on my G-Shock. There’s a perfect watch for any occasion, any outfit palette, any mood. Whether you’re weekending, going for a run, or just more of a tech guy – there’s a watch out there for you.

I have this fascination with watches because they’re such an intricate (and necessary) piece of technology that always gets overlooked and forgotten. Most guys I know don’t even own a watch, much less a collection. Not only are they extremely functional, but there’s an added elegance to a watch wearer. There’s just this essence about a man wearing a watch that always says to me “this guy values his time, he is a go-getter, he is a busy businessman” and usually, it’s true. I think the disconnect that causes most people to skip purchasing a watch is that they feel they have to spend $5,000 and buy a Rolex – you don’t. Watches ARE for the everyday man, and there are plenty of affordable options to keep your watch collection stocked and up to date.

Hugo Filipe Toronto Menswear Blogger Watch Collection


Style Watches On A Budget

There are tons of amazing watch brands that offer stylish entry level pieces that won’t break your bank. Nixon, MVMT and Timex all have affordable watch options for the everyday gentlemen. There’s no excuse for not owning at least one good watch that you can pair with most of your outfits. Get something simple and neutral. Big faced and square watches tend to make a bolder statement- and while these are great, they don’t work with all your outfits. If you only have the budget to add one watch to your wardrobe go with something that has a smaller face and is round shaped. These watches will blend into outfits better, square watches tend to be a lot heavier, bulkier, have a hard time inconspicuously fitting under your sleeve and can be a bit restricting (with your hand movements). The Nixon Time Teller (pictured below) goes with most of my outfits and has a great neutral colour that compliments my skin tone (also important).

So with all of that being said, here’s my favourite watch in my collection – a vintage Gucci I received as a gift a few years ago.  It was purchased from a consignment store, and I’m really attracted to the mystery behind it- coupled with the fact that it’s an extremely unique piece. Who used to own this? Why did they give such an amazing piece away? I’d like to know these things, but at the same time, I am happy it landed on my wrist.

If you’re looking for more watch style ideas or need some recommendations on brands I’m currently rocking, leave me a message below and I’ll do my best to lend a hand!