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A Birthday Staycation


A guest blog by Sergio Roque


A Birthday Staycation – that’s what I wanted. Originally I wanted to get away and have a fun stress-free birthday weekend away from my everyday commitments. I considered travelling to Vegas for my birthday- It would have been a great weekend with my closest friends, but like with any destination parties and weddings, not everyone is able to make it. So instead, I opted in for something simple- a birthday staycation.

I picked something central, The Pantages Hotel, directly in downtown Toronto. Close to Taverna Mercato, the restaurant where we’d be having dinner, and still close to the bar for the after party. I stayed in the City King suite, the perfect blend of function and sophistication – the room was large enough for all of us to come back after the bar (it’s over 400 square feet, there are apartments in Toronto smaller than that!) and continue the afterparty (it’s my birthday what can I say).


In our friend circle, it’s a tradition to play Dr. Mario and drink at any birthday. So what do we do when we get to the Hotel? We connect the NES to the TV, and immediately start playing Dr Mario. We got so competitive that we lost track of time and I actually ended up being a little late to my own birthday dinner (oops). We had a delicious dinner at Taverna Mercato where I indulged in two of my personal favourite foods, Fried Calamari & Pizza. After the dinner we went back to the hotel, changed into some more club appropriate clothing, and headed back out for the night. The night ended with a classic, but necessary pizza in bed.


Sunday started off rather simple; morning coffees, followed by a late brunch and a lot of us all lounging in robes. For this evening, a smaller group of friends and I have planned to go to Cluny’s, a beautiful french bistro in the heart of the Distillery District in Toronto. We enjoyed a beautiful spread from Cluny’s, using this as an opportunity to sample their delicious menu. The Toronto Light Festival was also taking place at the Distillery District so this made for a simple evening full of delicious food and art.