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Relaxation on a Sick Day

It’s been a weird week for me. I’ve been sick all week (and still feeling relatively sick) so I will keep this short.

I’m one of those people that doesn’t really get sick, but somehow I managed to, and have been out of commission (the amount of things piling up are insane). The only thing I want to do is lay in bed with a cup of tea and get some rest- I swear this is a product of the weird weather we’re having in Toronto. Today I started feeling a little bit better and decided to take a little trek outside. After all, this is probably the only time I was going to see some snow in Toronto (this year) and I’ve been DYING to bring out my heavy winter coats. I picked up this really warm winter jacket from Members Only a few months ago and have been needing the perfect weather to bust it out. I picked the perfect place to go, somewhere that’s close, relaxing and a great atmosphere for when you’re sick – Cloud Gardens.

Cloud Gardens is exactly what you’d imagine it looks like based on it’s name. The city of Toronto describes it as a “tropical cloud forest nestled between the office towers of Toronto’s busy downtown core“, and it couldn’t be more accurate. The conservatory itself is beautiful, but the best part is being able to smell that lush spring aroma. It was the PERFECT placed to be, especially when feeling under the weather. There’s a bench at the top (at the time I didn’t think to take a picture of, figures) which is a great place sit, have a drink, and read a book – there’s an amazing (and convenient) coffee shop just seconds away called Dineen Coffee.

I wish there were more accessible spaces like this around Toronto. It’s the perfect escape from the gloomy winter months, and best of all, it’s free. Next time you’re in downtown Toronto take a moment to visit the Gardens. This place is a few block away from the Eaton Centre – and if you guys like shopping as much as I do then there’s no excuse because you’re in the area pretty often.

This was exactly what I needed after being cooped up inside almost all week. It was great to go and breathe in that fresh green air that’s  been missing the last few months – it’s made me lust for spring even more. PS. The coat is faux fur – that’s the only way I roll.

I Have An Obsession

Okay, it’s no secret that I have a watch obsession. Every time I visit a store, I also check the jewelry department hoping to find something else to add to my wardrobe. Everybody has things they collect – and for me, it’s watches.

When I head to a meeting I wear something simple and bold, when I go to the gym I throw on my G-Shock. There’s a perfect watch for any occasion, any outfit palette, any mood. Whether you’re weekending, going for a run, or just more of a tech guy – there’s a watch out there for you.

I have this fascination with watches because they’re such an intricate (and necessary) piece of technology that always gets overlooked and forgotten. Most guys I know don’t even own a watch, much less a collection. Not only are they extremely functional, but there’s an added elegance to a watch wearer. There’s just this essence about a man wearing a watch that always says to me “this guy values his time, he is a go-getter, he is a busy businessman” and usually, it’s true. I think the disconnect that causes most people to skip purchasing a watch is that they feel they have to spend $5,000 and buy a Rolex – you don’t. Watches ARE for the everyday man, and there are plenty of affordable options to keep your watch collection stocked and up to date.

Hugo Filipe Toronto Menswear Blogger Watch Collection


Style Watches On A Budget

There are tons of amazing watch brands that offer stylish entry level pieces that won’t break your bank. Nixon, MVMT and Timex all have affordable watch options for the everyday gentlemen. There’s no excuse for not owning at least one good watch that you can pair with most of your outfits. Get something simple and neutral. Big faced and square watches tend to make a bolder statement- and while these are great, they don’t work with all your outfits. If you only have the budget to add one watch to your wardrobe go with something that has a smaller face and is round shaped. These watches will blend into outfits better, square watches tend to be a lot heavier, bulkier, have a hard time inconspicuously fitting under your sleeve and can be a bit restricting (with your hand movements). The Nixon Time Teller (pictured below) goes with most of my outfits and has a great neutral colour that compliments my skin tone (also important).

So with all of that being said, here’s my favourite watch in my collection – a vintage Gucci I received as a gift a few years ago.  It was purchased from a consignment store, and I’m really attracted to the mystery behind it- coupled with the fact that it’s an extremely unique piece. Who used to own this? Why did they give such an amazing piece away? I’d like to know these things, but at the same time, I am happy it landed on my wrist.

If you’re looking for more watch style ideas or need some recommendations on brands I’m currently rocking, leave me a message below and I’ll do my best to lend a hand!